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L.A. artRISING Festival to transform L.A.!


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IF we buy art at the galleries or dinner at Kay & Dave's


THEN the businesses will donate 10% of their sales to the Imaginese Arts Education Program.

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19 Oct 2013
05:00PM - 09:30PM


The Word Is Art; The Whole 9 (Map)
Venice Boulevard & Bagley Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90232, USA

Organized by Chris Bostrom

Enjoy a Mini Art Walk in Culver City, a powerful Double Feature at Tim Robbin's Actor's Gang theatre, and a delicious dinner between shows in this unique, charitable festival!

Two Culver City galleries, and the restaurant Kay & Daves, will dedicate 10% of their sales to the Imaginese Arts Education program, which provides inner-city youth from Watts and MacArthur Park with the Arts Education they are desperately lacking. The arts are consistently first on the chopping block in schools, but with programs like this they won't be left out in the cold.

These kids will get the chance everyone deserves: they will have a place where they can discover their unique talents and build lasting confidence through creative expression and community. This is one generation of artists uplifting the next...come support the cause!

In order to be a part of this event, come to the Mini-Arts Walk in Culver City, where you can peruse and purchase incredible works of art. This is a wonderful chance to add great new pieces to your collection while supporting a much-needed cause.

While you're at it, check out a powerful Double Feature which seeks to raise awareness/funds for Homeboy Industries and Beit T'shuvah (the temple/rehab). The show will be about Redemption and it will feature artists who really know the meaning of the word, having turned their lives around with the help of these incredible organizations.

Help spread the word to make this festival a massive success in its inaugural year so that it becomes a MAJOR annual event in Culver City.
"L.A. artRISING...Arts for a Change!"

Head to www.LAartRISING.com for more information, then meet us at The Whole 9 gallery at 5pm Saturday night!

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